Tim has had a varied career to date to say the least. He left school at 16 to serve as a maintenance electrician's apprenticeship before leaving to complete an engineering degree at Warwick University. He met Judith in a lab session at Warwick University! Post University he worked as in project engineering for British Rail and was responsible for commissioning the Eurostar trains that run through the Channel Tunnel. He escaped the privatisation of the Railway industry and re-trained as a Chartered Accountant in the mid 1990's. After several years in professional practice, he worked for an American semiconductor manufacturer before finally leaving full time employment to go sailing in 2006.

Judith on the other hand has had a much more stable career, working as a consultant Knowledge Engineer for the same company for over 10 years. She has worked for a variety of customers, from windows manufacturers, to formula 1 car racing teams. But most recently has specialised in the design of aircraft wing structures using composite materials.

Prior to setting sail in 2006. Tim & Judith were both active volunteers for the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Steam Railway in the Cotswolds (see www.gwsr.com ), Tim being a regular driver and Judith being a firing instructor.